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Let's Be Brave.

This morning I grabbed my favorite to-go cup to fill it up with English Breakfast tea to start the day. Now this cup is my favorite for two reasons. The first is that it holds a whole heck of a lot of caffeine. And Monday mornings need that much caffeine, am I right? But second, it’s a helpful reminder for me. It reminds me to be brave.

Now a reminder to “Be Brave” might seem like a strange way to start the week. Mondays can be scary – but not that scary! Haha! But the tangible reminder to “Be Brave” inspires me to do hard things. To have courage. To do what I really need to do to care for myself. For me, this past week, that means sharing with friends some of the current things happening in my life. It means telling other people so that I don’t have to do things on my own anymore. It means going to doctor appointments that I want to avoid. It means doing all sorts of hard things to try to make myself better. And not just physically better. But better all around. It took a lot of bravery to not try to simply handle things on my own but to invite others into the mess. It was scary. It required vulnerability. For me, being brave this week meant remembering to lean into others, just as God created us to live in community. We were created as relational beings from the very beginning. God didn’t want any human to be alone. So, God created another. From the beginning. We are meant to do life together. We need each other. But it’s scary to let people in. What hard thing do you need to do for your soul this week? It may be for your physical, social, emotional, or spiritual self. For each person, having courage will look a little different. But I challenge you to do one brave thing this week to care for your soul. It might not be something fun, but it will restore your soul. And then send me an email about what courageous thing you’re doing so I can be praying for you. I read each and every one of them. Let’s be brave together this week.

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