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Rest is not Lazy.

When we ask other people how their day is going, the common response is one of three options: “Good,” “Fine,” or “Busy.” Good and fine don’t exactly describe the day well. We often use those as filler responses. But my favorite answer? “Busy.” We say it as though “busy” is a feeling or an ideal goal of a day. We have started to associate busy with success. With productivity. With achievement. It implies we are doing well in the world and have it together.

I don’t know about you, but busy can be exhausting.

The opposite of busy is rest. And rest can feel uncomfortable. It feels as though we’re not achieving anything. Maybe it even makes you feel like you’re failing.

Rest feels lazy.

As a result, we rarely rest well. We feel guilty resting. We feel like we aren’t being productive enough, achieving enough, “being” enough.

We need to remember that rest is not lazy at all. It’s about recharging our batteries. Doing things that fill us back up. Rest means taking care of yourself. By recuperating. By gathering up energy again.

Rest leads to restoration.

Maybe rest for you means spending time with people you love. Maybe it means sleeping late. Maybe it’s a long walk or bike ride. Perhaps it means picking up a good book or watching a new movie. Maybe it’s a long massage or a leisurely dinner with friends. Overall, rest usually means you forget about time and just “be.” You are present in the moment without worrying about future moments.

Rest looks different for everyone because we each restore differently. But what we do share is that we all need it.

Remember, rest leads to restoration.

So as you prepare for the holiday week ahead and hopefully have some time to recharge your personal battery, I challenge you to find a way to rest to seek restoration for your soul.

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