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When You Feel Like a Failure

January always feels like it’s going to start off well. I had goals and New Year resolutions planned out. I picked my “word/phrase of the year” to motivate me. I even tried to plan ahead some for potential pitfalls. I felt ready to take on the month! Confession: the beginning of this year was a catastrophe for me. Yes, I know we are only about 30-ish days in. It started out with such promise. I was motivated, had a “free” week with very few obligations and could use it for visioning and planning. I was ready to go! Then I got the flu which totally debilitated me for several days from every interaction in my life. Then a snow/ice/winter-mayhem storm happened (whatever you want to call that mess!) which pushed around my productivity and schedule. All I could see was how behind I was in everything in my life. I felt like a failure on all my goals and plans. And it was only January. What did that represent for the rest of the year ahead? Have you ever felt this way? Maybe it’s messing up on your New Year resolutions. Perhaps it’s not being in the life stage you expected at this point. Not getting the promotion you wanted. It happens often when we begin comparing ourselves to others. We put such high standards on ourselves that we quickly spiral and feel like failures when everything isn’t as we expected or imagined. I’ve been ruminating on this a lot lately. Seeing its epidemic around me… and in myself. So today I want you to know: You are worthy. Even when you fail. I don’t know about you, but I needed that message today. Actually, I’ve probably needed it a lot of days recently. Sometimes I get so hung up on my failures (or what I perceive as failures) that I start seeing those things as what defines me and gives me value. I forget to see any of my accomplishments or good qualities. What if failure is just us learning from a situation? It doesn’t have to indicate anything about our character. Our choices, our accomplishments, our disappointments – they don’t give us worth. Our very being gives us worth. God created each and every one of us and that alone gives us value. If you’re struggling with self-worth or feeling like you’ve failed, schedule a session today. We’ll work together to remind you of the beauty and strength that exists within you that can sometimes become forgotten.

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