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Anxiety. Fear. Worry. Welcome to the Club.

Hurricanes wreaking havoc. North Korea threatening war. Stuck in unfulfilling jobs. Wildfires burning uncontrollably. Friends diagnosed with cancer. Mass shootings. Marriages on the rocks. Earthquakes destroying whole communities. difficult decisions looming.

Everywhere we look we encounter situations that bring anxiety. Maybe you’ve struggled with anxiety for a long time. Perhaps this relentless worrying thing is new to you. (If so, welcome to the club – it’s not fun, but at least know you’re not alone in this).

With everything happening around us, it’s hard not to worry. There is simply so much to be anxious about. And there are few things that make us feel stable and safe anymore. Having news available 24/7 reminds us of all the things we can be fearful of at any given moment. The world feels unpredictable. Therefore, our life begins to feel unpredictable and unsafe. Worry becomes a constant companion in our lives.

Anxiety isn’t just a far-off issue anymore that “other” people have. It has become common in conversation among friends. “Ordinary” people are having panic attacks that are forcing them to pull over driving down the highway. They are facing debilitating worry that freezes them at work and unable to complete projects. They are second guessing themselves in each and every decision they make.

It’s now our family members. It's our friends. Maybe it’s you. It’s normal, common. And we have plenty of reasons to feel more anxious these days.

If you’ve noticed it creeping into your life, let’s work together on strategies and techniques that bring relief. That’s conquer those worries and again live with confidence to face the world.

Let’s conquer our worries together and stand tall again.

You’ve got this. I believe in you.

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