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A New Season...

School has ended, summer jobs are starting, the pool is open, and people are planning their vacations. Memorial Day has come and gone and we’re officially in summer. But for me, this new season means more than that… It’s a new season for Seeds of Hope Counseling! I’m launching new extended hours to fit your flexible summer schedules. Both daytime and evening session hours are available each week: Tuesday afternoons and evenings, Wednesday mornings and afternoons, and Friday mornings. I don’t know about you, but new seasons in my life have sometimes brought lots of apprehension… and even some fear. I think about each new job I’ve taken, move to a new state, or big choices I’ve made. Each time has been scary. I ask “What if?” or begin to doubt myself. As hours expand at Seeds of Hope Counseling, I worry about the growth. As any good growth and change occurs in our lives, fear often comes right alongside it. Fear and growth together. It’s always a leap of faith to challenge yourself and grow, but then doubt likes to creep up to join in the excitement. What I love most is that when I have the courage to tell others about my fears… they say, “Me too!” Whew. Fear and growth go hand in hand. Not just for you, and not just for me. We’re all struggling with this dichotomy. What I’ve found is that whenever big change is coming, these mixed emotions emerge. And the emotions themselves aren’t bad – it’s about harnessing them to provide energy towards growth.

So I ask: What change are YOU fearing?

No matter how exciting change can be, there is always some apprehension. I’ve got it. I’m assuming you’ve got it. Whatever big thing you’re facing and fearful of, know that you’re not alone. We’re all in this change thing together. We’ve got this. Let’s journey together. Bring it on, new season!

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